keskiviikko 25. syyskuuta 2013

Deathwing Terminators

Long story short. I took some photos of my terminators. I've had a bit hard time with them in a new edition but I still love them. They're the coolest company in the 40k in my opinion.

                                    Here are all of my complete terminator armor dudes.
                                                               Deathwing knights.
                                                             Belial. The real deal.
                           Not actually a Deathwing dude, but in terminator armor anyway.
                          This is what I used as a Belial before GW released a figure for him.
                                                      Command squad components.
                    Land raider crusader. I've another one coming but it's far away from ready.
     Of course there must be dreadnoughts. I've two, the another one is slightly different colored.
                            And of course there must be some unfinished terminators too. ;)

These guys are the reason why I chose the Dark Angles as my chapter. I've collected a lot of greens too, pictures coming later. When I get few more models finished.

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