keskiviikko 25. syyskuuta 2013

Deathwing Terminators

Long story short. I took some photos of my terminators. I've had a bit hard time with them in a new edition but I still love them. They're the coolest company in the 40k in my opinion.

                                    Here are all of my complete terminator armor dudes.
                                                               Deathwing knights.
                                                             Belial. The real deal.
                           Not actually a Deathwing dude, but in terminator armor anyway.
                          This is what I used as a Belial before GW released a figure for him.
                                                      Command squad components.
                    Land raider crusader. I've another one coming but it's far away from ready.
     Of course there must be dreadnoughts. I've two, the another one is slightly different colored.
                            And of course there must be some unfinished terminators too. ;)

These guys are the reason why I chose the Dark Angles as my chapter. I've collected a lot of greens too, pictures coming later. When I get few more models finished.

sunnuntai 1. syyskuuta 2013

1750pts Tournament results

This time I participated in a solo tournament. There were 10 players and the game was limited to 1750 points. Once again, I had a lot of fun and I learned much. All played three games and three different missions and they all lasted 6 rounds.

First game was objective game where fast attack units were able to score but didn't award victory points if destroyed. Objectives in an enemy deployment zone awarded three points and in everywhere else only one point. Linebreaker gave two points in this mission. I was set up againts Imperial guard. Four objectives were set. One in his deployment zone and three in neutral territory. IG had one Leman russ, one barrage tank (don't remember the name of it), four veteran squad with Chimeras and lots of plasma, some basic footmen and two Vendettas. He got the first round but didn't manage to damage me at all on his first round and so I got the first blood by destroying his barrage tank and some infatry squad. Wave serpents did good job as usual. And so did the scatter laser War walkers.  His troops were swarming from reserve but I managed to keep up the phase and destroy them as they walked in. Only real threat were Vendettas, as I didn't have any antiair guns. Once again Wave serpents stepped up and due to twinlinked scatter lasers and the awesome shield shooting I got them down too. I won the game with victory points 8-3. He managed to kill my warlord and had one guardsman in my deployment zone and got the two point linebreaker. That lonely guardsman was his only survivor.

Second game was a relic game. But in this game the relic was in a skimmer, which moved across the field 12" per game turn. This time my opponent was Chaos space marines. 9 nurgle Obliterators, nurgle Lord with bike, nurgle... some beast things ( don't remember their name either), 5 Cultists groups and two Helldrakes. We had some trouble killing each other and the first blood was awarded in third round. And Chaos was the one who got it. It was pretty even game until the Helldrakes came aboard. They just destroyed all my troops like they were nothing. After round four I didn't have any troops left and the score was 2-0. Didn't look good. Obviously. My only purpose for the remainder of the game was to keep victory point difference as small as possible. And I did manage to do well on that part. On last turn, I unleashed all I had left on his Lord, who had trait that he can score (so he had picked up the relic with the lord) and did get him to one wound. Then I had to try some desperate move and charge with my second Farseer. But the seer had seen the future. Against all the odds, he managed to slay the chaos Lord and make him drop the relic. I lost, but only 2-1.

Third game was basic kill 'em all game. Opponend had Khorne themed chaos space marine with Imperial guard back up. IG had huge mass of guardsmen. I think it was 30 strong squad or something. And ofcourse, a Vendetta. CSM part had two squads of Khorne berserkers, a Lord with juggernaut, Havoc group with missile launchers and a Vindicator. From this game there isn't really much to tell. Fortune had come on my side for this battle and my every jink save was succesful and huge amount of shots did the rest. I won 10-3, leaving the opponent only Guardsmen and a Vendetta alive.

                                                          This was my set up.

I finished third. There were three players with the same score of two victories and one loss but I had the best victory point score so I placed third. And even I'm happy with the placement I still feel this wasn't the best I could do.

First of all I really need to get some antiair. Easy option would be aegis defence line with guadqun, but I'm not sure if I want to use that. I've been thinking of changing the Scorpions to Crimson hunter.
And the second thing is that the Scorpions don't fit in my playstyle with this set up. I think they are a good unit, but just don't have a real role in my hands. Or maybe I'm just using them wrong. But anyway, I need something to do with those Helldrakes. Wounding 2+ on everything I have and not giving any saves, not even cover, is too tough to just ignore.

That's all about now. I'll try to get some photos of my Dark Angels soon.

sunnuntai 21. heinäkuuta 2013

Tournament results

The pair-tournament went a lot better than we expected. We were second! Only four teams were participating, but still we were really happy with the result. I didn't have a camera with me so I don't have gamephotos but I will shortly go through our games:

First game was easiest for us. Enemy had Daemons and Orks and mission was 5 objectives, 2 points each. We got the starting turn as well as nighfight (which suited us well, since Dark Eldars has night vision and my serpents waves shoots cover ignoring shield). Dices were also with us. Everything we did worked. It was a wipeout on turn four and we got the objectives. Victory points 12 -0.

Second game was a bit tougher. Chaos Space Marines and Imperial Guard were against us. Objective was relic. We got the first turn and night fight again. We had a hard time killing chaos space marines, but did good job preventing them to cap the relic. IG guardsmen were just sitting back and shooting, they weren't a real threat on any phase. But the flyers were. Valkyrie and vendetta troubled us but not enough. We didn't kill them, we just ignored them. Our venoms and serpents blasted off the marines with guidance from farseer. In the end we had only one venom and one prism left, but almost all our footmen were alive. We seized the relic at the last turn and victory was our with victory points of 6-0.

Third and the last game was obviously hardest. Tau and Eldar and mission was purge the alien. Odds were against us in the beginning with the amount of our paperflyers. We got the first turn and it was nightfighting once again but it didn't help us this time. Even we got the first turn, they got first blood. And after that they got almost everything else too. At some point we got back in the game after killing their Riptide and Fire Prism, but they quickly gained upper position again with deepstriking warp spiders and two squads of swooping hawks. In the end there weren't many units left from either side but the score was devastating. Victory points were 7-15.

All in all we had a great day. I'm pretty sure that I will participate tournaments again in future.

I took a photo of our team when I got home:
Eldar had Farseer with bike and spear, 2 groups of 5 Dire Avengers which both had Wave Serpents. And also 2 Fire Prisms.
Dark Eldar had Archon with shadow field, huskblade and soultrap. Two squads of 5 Wyches with Venoms, 5 Incubies with Raider and 10 Warriors with Raider.

sunnuntai 14. heinäkuuta 2013

Me and my brother are going to participate in our first tournament next week and we had to get armies ready for that. Tournament will be pairtournament with 2x800 points. I will play with Eldar and brother will play with Dark Eldar. My things are allready painted so we painted 10 wyches, 5 incubis and 2 venoms in 2 days. Not that awesome amount of painting, but we were really happy on what we did:

                                          These incubis are going to accompany Archon
                                          First group of wyches.
                                          Second group of wyches.
                                          Two custom venoms. We didn't make these ourselves,
                                            only painted them. And added the gunners.
                                            And a picture of our progress.